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Our Father You Are Holy(Ricky Dillard)

You will really enjoy this song by Ricky Dillard. This song begins in the key of C#, and modulates several times. In the tutorial, you will learn the chords in both C# and D-natural. From there you can build the chords in other keys should your praise team choose to modulate.

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You Know My Name (Tasha Cobbs)

Today, we slow down with a moving worship song from Tasha Cobbs Leonard. This song is very versatile because you can either sing the entire song, or just choose to repeat the chorus. Either way, this can be a powerful song. JPlaysKeys will break down the chords of this song so that you can start playing this song right away!


Old Rugged Cross (Key of F)

Old Rugged Cross is truly a classic hymn. It is popular in nearly every denomination, and the lyrics are just as powerful today as when the song was written. Learn this hymn with JPlaysKeys. I will break down the chords and help you play this song smoothly and with a rich tone.


I Give Myself Away (William McDowell)

Learn to play this powerful worship song with this comprehensive tutorial from JPlaysKeys. You will learn how to play each chord perfectly. You will also learn a few techniques to add personality to the song.


I Surrender All

This is a very popular hymn and altar call song. We are in the key of C# today. In this tutorial, you will learn the exact chords you need in order to play this song well and make it your own. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!


Alabaster Box (Let the Fragrance Arise)

This song is a great choice for your next praise and worship service. We are in the key of C for this tutorial, and JPlaysKeys will break down the chords for you so that you play them just right. Add some strings or electric piano to bring a little more “feel” to the song.


I Belong To You (William McDowell)

Learn this song quickly and easily with JPlaysKeys. This is the perfect song for prayer time or any quiet portion of your church service. It’s great whether there is a singer or the piano is playing it solo.


The Call (We need You right now) - Isabel Davis

This is a wonderful worship song. The chords are simple enough to learn quickly yet full enough to add plenty of flavor to the song. We are in the key of C# for this tutorial. You will definitely enjoy playing this one.


Silent Night for Beginners

Today, we are learning the song Silent Night in the Key of C. This is one of the most popular Christmas Songs, and this tutorial walks you through the chords you need to know in order to play this one with confidence.


Way Maker - Sinach

Whether you are playing a worship service or prayer time, Way Maker is the perfect song to set the atmosphere. This tutorial teaches the song in both the key of B-natural and C-natural, so you will be able to modulate as needed. This song is fun, and the chords are not too distracting, so you will definitely enjoy playing this one!


Victory Belongs to Jesus

Todd Delaney is one of the most dynamics gospel artists right now. “Victory Belongs to Jesus” is one of his most popular songs, and this is certainly a song that can move a congregation to worship. In this tutorial, you will learn to play each portion of this song. I break down all the chords in a way that anyone can pick up quickly. As always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback here in the comments!


Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (Doxology)

For some church musicians, this is a song you will play at the beginning and end of every service. For others, you will hear it when you visit a traditional church. Either way, this tutorial will show you the exact chords you need to know in order to play this song with ease!


Stay on the Battlefield / I Will Trust in the Lord

Today, we are doing a very popular traditional song - “I Will Trust In the Lord” aka “Stay on the Battlefield”.

If you’ve spent any time in a baptist or COGIC church, you’ve definitely heard this one.

We are in the key of F on this one. Dig in, and learn these useful traditional patterns.

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I Need thee Oh I Need Thee

If you've spent any time in a traditional Baptist or COGIC church, you've heard this song. In Fact, many other denominations sing "I Need Thee" in their own way. In this video I'll give you all the chords you need to play this song in your next service plus a few extras to add some flavor to the melody!


Trouble In My Way

Learn this popular traditional gospel tune with JPlaysKeys! This is an incredibly valuable tutorial because you will not only learn Trouble in My Way, but you will also learn the foundation of "Call-and-Response" gospel. That means you will be able to use the chords in this song to play a number of other songs. I hope you find this lesson immensely helpful!



This is a very popular worship song. We will learn it in the key of Db/C#. This particular song involves just a few chords, so you will be able to pick it up quickly and start applying some flare if you want.



Learn to play this moving worship melody in less than ten minutes. We're in the key of G natural. This is an awesome song to have in your toolbox as a gospel musician. Click 'Buy Now' to grab the full tutorial.



This tutorial is awesome for beginners. Although the song is very popular, it only requires you to learn a few chords. So musicians of all skill levels will be able to pick this song up rather quickly.



This is a familiar song and well loved by churches of multiple denominations. We are in the key of C in this one. All the chords are broken down for you. You'll be playing this song in no time!



Performed by William McDowell, this worship song has 4 distinct parts. This song is super versatile for that reason. You can play the full song as part of a worship service, or you can just repeat one portion of the song during prayer time or as talk music. We are in the key of Bb for this one. At the end, I show you a few techniques you can use to spice up your playing. So be sure to watch this one all the way through!



This is an excellent praise and worship song. No matter your skill level, you will love learning the chords and progressions in this song. Pick up this tutorial today and you will be playing "Worth" in no time!